Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cooking at home -Spicy Turkey Burgers and Mango Salsa

You can't always eat out. As much as I would like to. So my wife and I tagged-teamed on what turned out to be a great dinner: turkey burgers.

OK, so maybe it doesn't sound like the most exciting meal. But with a little creativity, the blank canvas of ground turkey took on a new life. We had some mangoes, so she did a delicious mango salsa. Meanwhile, I spruced up the ground turkey and made it spicy (with cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper and chipotle hot sauce) to balance the sweetness of the mangoes which were at their peak ripeness. Put it all on a toasted roll and it was spicy, sweet, juicy deliciousness.

Eating at home was definitely a treat on this evening.

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