Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Addiction

Every few months, I get addicted to one food item or another. As of late, it's definitely been yogurt. But not just any yogurt. I discovered the love that is Liberte yogurt. I'm a fiend for anything with peach flavoring, so I always just buy all of the peach flavored yogurts that Wegman's has when I go there. Who knew Canada would be hooking me up like that?

And speaking of addictions, I think I'm also addicted to Wegmans in general. I have now forced myself to only shop there, but I used to just wander around there and look at the food, eat as many free samples as I could before the cheese people started looking at me funny, and maybe try a few items I never heard of. I think that's how I started eating Liberte in the first place.

Long live Liberte...and Wegmans too!

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Tanya said...

I saw my picture in the background and got all excited that you wrote a blog about me....It was titled "My Addiction" But once again I was beat out by Liberte Yogurt LOL :) - Lets mention why you started eating Yogurt in the first place! After a small bout of the "not so funs" after eating unsightly cuisine in the DR (Pictures that I'm sure will never make it on THC) a certain very beautiful, extremely intelligent woman mentioned that yogurt was good for digestion because of it's pro biotic properties. And after taking said woman's advice, not only were you feeling better, you developed a new found love in Liberte! :)