Friday, September 19, 2008

Breakfast Club

"Breakfast Club" at my office has taken on a life of its own. The setup is one person each Friday brings breakfast for the whole office (about 25 people). Over the course of a cycle, everyone gets their turn to wow the office with their culinary creativity.

As time had progressed, "Breakfast Club" has fostered a healthy competition among its participants. We've had a range of food from McDonald's (that was me!) to make-your-own breakfast burritos to homemade muffins and cakes.

But Friday, my coworker Lee Ann came up with one of the greatest Breakfast Club meals ever. She brought New Jersey to the city - make your own pork roll (or Taylor's ham if you prefer), egg and cheese sandwiches!! On hard rolls!!!!! New Jersey natives in the office from the 973, the 732 and down to the 609 were elated. And we schooled everyone on how to do it, including adding the salt, pepper and ketchup (and in my case hot sauce). Lee Ann even s
et up instructions for the rookies.

The finished product was not only beautiful, but delicious. It was definitely a banner day for Breakfast Club. I'm glad I don't have to follow that performance!


Lee Ann said...

I am honored to be showcased on your blog. Holler at a breakfast sandwich, straight up Jersey style. SPK and all :)

The Hungry Commuter said...

you know i had to shout out that breakfast club epic! jersey all day!